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My name is Summer Blaise. I am a wife, mother, homeowner, and interior decorator. Summer Blaise Interiors was created because of my love for all things farmhouse, french country, rustic, and neutral but my limited budget as a teacher with a new family.

When walked into our home for the first time we were so overwhelmed but at the same time so excited . I knew this home had been loved on and I knew it had good bones. After we did our first walk through, I realized I would have to work hard to create a home that I loved in the budget we had.
Little by little, project by project, our home began to take shape. The rooms started to feel cozy and inviting and my family began to love to be here.


Owner/ Interior Decorator

Summer Partee

I knew then that designing a home wasn’t just about making a space pretty. It was about creating spaces that families could grow, laugh, learn and love in. It was ABOUT creating a home they never wanted to leave.
I wasn’t going to let a limited budget stop me from creating a home that we loved. A healthy home is so important. It's where life happens and where your family's story is told.

Summer Blaise Interiors was created so that you can have a home that makes you and your family thrive. The role of your home in your life story is so significant. Creating a beautiful and cohesive space benefits your entire family.

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Online Shopping Lists, Home Staging and Furniture Resoration


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