5 Tips to Make Your Wedding Less Stressful

Yall, planning a wedding can be like a full time job! And when you already have one of those..well let’s just cue the stress. I have taken my own wedding experiences and with a little research, came up with the best 5 tips for making planning your wedding and the execution of it go as smooth as possible. And yall, I’m not saying there won’t be any stress, but let’s try to keep it to a minimum.

1-Designate a Point of Contact:

Designating a point of contact will lower your stress level more than you thought possible. I would recommend it be a wedding planner or a friend, but I’m going to propose why I would go with a planner and not a friend. My wedding was everything I dreamed, yet I forgot one minor detail…who was going to keep everything running smoothly during the reception? Thankfully my aunt has some experience in Day-of coordination…however with her being family a few things happened. In some of the family pictures she was absent because she was too busy rounding up the next set of people for pictures. She didn’t get to really be a part of the ceremony because she was behind the scenes making sure the cocktail hour and reception were being set up. She also didn’t really get to enjoy herself because she was too busy making sure everything ran on schedule. This is where a wedding planner and day-of coordinator is helpful. They take all that stress on and your friends and family get to enjoy your day! 

2-Thank Vendors Publicly:

This one is pretty simple. If you love your vendors, let them know! Tell your guests all about them, you want to let guests know how wonderful they are! Remember that you who future couples will look too for advice for vendors. 

3-DON’T Write Thank You Notes In Advance

This is another pretty easy one. Its sounds crazy and like one more thing on that after wedding to-do list but you don’t know who is going to show up and help you the week before the wedding or even the day of the wedding. Some people are going to need more acknowledgement that just thanking them for the knife set! 

4-Don’t Overthink

I know this is so hard to do…especially in the world of pinterest. However your dream wedding will come from your gut (gross, I know) but your first thoughts about your wedding are things that you really want. Don’t overthink or second guess yourself. I recently heard a comedian talk about giving yourself an hour for makeup before a date…once the timer goes off stop, but all your utensils down and step back. I suggest you apply that to your wedding. You found your wedding colors?…leave them alone, quit looking.  You found the exact flowers you want, tell your florist and then quit looking. This will alleviate some stress when it comes down to minor details if your big details are set in stone. 

5- Make Time For Yourself

I remember being so consumed with making time for my husband, Josh and making sure I had his present ready and his letter done throughout our wedding day along with our guests and bridal party that I neglected myself for a while. As much as I loved the hustle and bustle of hair and makeup…I needed a break and needed to do something normal. I remember going up to the guest room in my sister’s house in the middle of getting ready and just sitting.  Yall, my sister knows me more than anyone and called in reinforcement and what showed up not 10 minutes later?….one of our best friends bearing cotton candy! Or Cotton Andy as my flower girl called it. And we all stopped what we were doing (including my hairdresser and makeup artist) and put on the TV for 30 min and ate cotton candy! 

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