Pleasing Others…

Pleasing…yall that is my middle name! I aim to please. However there are sometimes when that is just not possible and my wedding day was one of those times.

I have recently had a lot of questions on how to please everyone (your mother, your future mother-in-law, your friends, your guests etc..) during your wedding planning and your wedding day. I have one word for you…DON’T! 

This is your wedding! This is the day you have probably dreamed about since you were able to talk. You get the right to do what you want.  I remember in the planning of my wedding EVERYONE questioned my thoughts and decisions. You didn’t question my decision to buy a house and get married, but you are questioning whether or not I really want my flower girls in black and white stripes? Yes, the answer is YES! 

My suggestion is this, get a team of “yes” men in your corner! For me, this was my maid of honor and my matron of honor..who also happened to be my best friend and my sister. They never questioned my decisions. They never questioned my thoughts…they simply said yes. Now, don’t get me wrong they would come to me with some concerns of how something may play out or not play out, but they never once questioned my thought process or my decisions. 

So find yourself some “yes” men. It may not be anyone in your wedding. It may be your wedding planner, or your fiance, or even your mom. Surround yourself with people that believe in your vision of your Wedding Day. Stop worrying about pleasing everyone else. At the end of the day, you aren’t there to make sure everyone loved your wedding decor, you are there to marry the love of your life!

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