My Favorite Gardening Tools

When I’m not doing interior design for a client or executing DIY projects for my own home, I really enjoy gardening. It’s fun yet relaxing activity to do outside, allowing my mind to settle and enjoy God’s creation. We have teamed up with Merry People and Digz Gardening to bring you some awesome recs for my favorite gardening tools!

I have never comfortably worn rubber boots until I discovered Merry People! I have the Bobbi Rain Boots (Black & Black) and they’re comfy, sleek, and match many different outfits! They can also stand the elements, which is important when gardening and for rain showers. They’re complete with a short ankle and comfortable, stretchy sides. You still get normal bend, but with comfortable material and soles with give. They’re completely waterproof, and lots of other colors are available on their website!

Here are their simple upkeep instructions!

When gardening, it’s important to have sturdy gloves that are also comfortable. Look no further than Digz Gardening! These gloves are available at Home Depot or Amazon for a very affordable price. The designs are SO cute, I don’t even want to get them dirty. They offer touch-screen friendly gloves if you need to turn on your gardening playlist or send a text! The first pair that I unboxed was the Rose Picker gloves, which are thicker with an extended arm to pull roses out. These are my favorite, and I would use them for all kinds of gardening!

I also got a pair for pruning and landscaping with a thick, canvas material. It has a lot of give but is still tight with prickle protection, perfect for picking up bush clipping, sticks, and mulch. The third pair is Nitril Coated, which has thin material in the back and is strong up front with lots of bend. My son plans to plant hydrangeas and dig holes with these bad boys! Lastly, I got a pair for power tools and plumbing- perfect for my DIY projects! They are strong on the inside with soft spots and lots of bend.

With my amazing new gardening tools, I began planting fall veggies today! Broccoli, cabbage, kale, and collards are on the way. Fall is a wonderful time to pick up this hobby because of nice weather, so get out there and get your hands dirty!

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