Halloween/ Fall Client Install

Tis’ the season for holiday installations! We were so excited for this holiday decor project to kick the season off- a fun Halloween/fall themed porch and tablescape. I hope to show you how easy it is so you can do fun installs in your own home for the holidays!

The first step to completing the porch install was to spend an evening taking inventory of the decorative elements that I had, and the ones I wanted to use for this home. I wanted to use mums, cabbage plants, and pumpkins for the porch. I re-potted the cabbage plants to cute pots, adding a splash of color. I love using mums in the fall, but I often purchase them before they bloom.

I recommend getting mums that are about to bloom in a few days instead of ones that have already bloomed, allowing you to have a longer lifespan of the flower. Another tip: don’t forget to re-plant your Mums after the fall season ends! Mine came back even bigger and better by the summertime.

If you want some of your pumpkins to have a different color than the classic orange, like the ones pictured below with gold and white tints, all you have to do is spray paint them!

After planning the install and taking inventory, we loaded the car up and headed to our client’s location. Loading up the car takes the most work and organization. Once we unloaded our car, we moved the flowers and pieces around until it just felt right. We wanted the mums, pumpkins, and cabbage plants to frame the porch steps, and dashes of Halloween spirit to surround the porch.

My favorite part of the install was these bats. They looked great against the white home! You can purchase them for your porch, linked from Amazon here. I made them go upwards and mixed their sizes to keep a flow. So cute! The Halloween spiders and bats made a contrasting black and white combo, perfect for the home’s porch. It was so simple yet made a huge impact!

Final product

The next part of this fall install for our client was this elegant tablescape. This is so important because often over the holidays we have family and guests over to celebrate with us, and it’s always a great idea to have an eye-catching centerpiece for the season!

We love doing tablescapes because we’ve learned how to scan craft stores for great decor pieces that will fit well together. One of my favorite things about the process is piecing together beautiful pieces to make something unique. We enjoy taking this bit of stress off our clients’ shoulders, shopping for them, and completing the install ourselves. We do all the heavy lifting!

This simple yet beautiful tablescape is complete with mini white pumpkins, candles, assorted layered greenery, and a vintage gold vessel with faux white roses.

We could not have been happier with the final products of the porch and tablescape, and are so glad our client was too! For more information on installations contact us: summerblaiseinteriors@gmail.com.

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